Kenya arrests three with smuggled weapons, petrol in Garissa

Three suspects have been arrested after a police chase in Lagdera, Garissa, in connection with smuggling AK-47s, ammunition and petrol.

The suspects, who are of Somali origin, had eight AK-47 assault rifles with eight empty magazines, 2,104 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition and 20 litres of petrol, police said.

They were arrested on Monday at 5pm.

The police report identified the three as Nur Ibrahim Alaso, 30; Jimale Abey Mahamud, 21, and Abdirizack Mohamed Ali, 24. They are from Hadado, Griftu and Elwak, respectively.

Police said they seemed suspicious and when stopped for questioning, they sped off in a white car and police chased them.
“An operation was mounted to trace and arrest the vehicle and occupants,” the police report said. The search included officers from the Critical Infrastructure Protection Unit, the Kenya Police and Police Reservists.
In Mandera, police say terrorists have stormed government buildings and opened fire.

Parts of Northeastern have suffered from terrorist attacks involving IEDs and landmines planted on roads used by police officers.

In Garissa, especially near the Somalia border, some officers have lost their lives and others their limbs when mines and IEDs exploded.

Source – The Star


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